From the Faith Cluster of the WC End-hate Campaign

From the Faith Cluster of the WC End-hate Campaign

To whom it may concern

We, the under signers, spiritual leaders of several Spiritual Communities and Churches in Cape Town met on 10th November 2009 to discuss issues facing our LGBTI community. We were grateful for the spirit in which we could meet, and during our gathering became increasingly aware of the impending need for the creation of a common space where we can continue to gather for spiritual nurturing and in support of each other. In the spirit of creating such a space, we decided to continue to meet and wish to invite other spiritual leaders of the LGBTI/Queer community who wish to join us.

We are conscious of the fact that our community is currently facing many challenges, including the recent announcement by members of the NILC who expressed their interest in revising same sex laws in South Africa. As members of our young democracy, in which our rights and that of other minorities are constitutionally protected, we want to ensure our community is well represented and has a powerful, unified and clear voice in defence of our constitutional rights to freedom, equality, dignity and respect. The adherence to these universal Human Rights will drive our agenda.

We agreed to continue to strengthen this awareness within our own communities, as well as building a stronger network of friends and supporters of our community. We will also continue to be vigilant and monitor any new developments as they arise.

Upon closing our meeting, each one of us committed to bringing another spiritual leader to our next gathering to take place on 9th December 2009. If you are a spiritual leader within our community, or if you know of such leaders within our community who, transcending his faith or religious affiliation, might wish to join our gatherings, please let us know. We would love to meet you and have you at our next gathering.

Imam Muhsin Hendricks – The Inner Circle

Rev. Laurie Gaum – Inclusive and Affirming Ministries

Rev. Pressley Sutherland – GoodHopeMetropolitanCommunityChurch

Rev. Gabriel Gonsalves – Agape Spiritual Community


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