Nuwe inhoud

Liewe vriende / Dear friends,

Die volgende inskrywings is nou beskikbaar om te lees:

URGENT CALL FOR SOLIDARITY AND ACTION ON THE ANTI-HOMOSEXUALITY BILLS IN UGANDA AND RWANDA – The government of Uganda and Rwanda have introduced Anti-Homosexuality Bills that if passed into law will intensify penalties against acts of homosexuality as they term them.

ONE PERSPECTIVE… – “One perspective, however, keeps coming batck at me. Fundamentalists believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and for the purpose of creating a family.”

VERBEELDINGSVLUGTE OOR DIE KERK – Laurie skryf oor sy toespraak “My journey through/to personal wholeness”.

‘n MAN UIT JORDANIë SKRYF… – Intimacy makes life meaningful. As a psychologist working with gay men and couples, I observe daily how love, intimacy and relationships are the most deeply felt and longed for desire in gay men.

JOLLY FELLOWS DEFIES ATTITUDES – Magnificent in pink satin and ostrich feathers, a drag queen runs through a tumbledown Russian village, miming to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. Just one of the startling scenes from Jolly Fellows (Veselchaki) – the first mainstream Russian movie about drag queens in a country where gays still face an uphill struggle to have basic rights recognised.

‘Same sex or opposite sex?" barked the young woman, gold hoops in her ears to match her attitude – I was at the Edenvale home affairs office, on a strip of motor repair shops and scrapyards, to book my marriage. It took me a moment to comprehend: "Same sex," I said, a little too loudly, looking around to see if anyone of the other clerks in the room would look up in shock, or perhaps just interest. They did not.

MEDITATION – BETWEEN A HASTY REACTION AND A CONSIDERED RESPONSE – Our meditation for this Sunday written by Carel Anthonissen. Visit their website here.

Groete & Seën

Johan Strydom


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